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Real gemstones. The “vintage gold'' inspired rings contain real gemstones. Each stone has its own meaning, so they all tell their own story through those real gems. Find the meaning of each stone at the product description of each ring or read below.

Premium quality. The “vintage gold'' inspired rings are made of a premium quality. They are made of a 18K gold plating over brass.

Size adjustable. You no longer have to fuss about your ring size with our ''vintage gold'' inspired rings, because they are adjustable. You can easily adjust the back of the ring to your own ring size. You can wear it on all fingers, from little finger to index finger, whatever you feel like that day, week or month.

Affordable. 18K gold plated jewellery looks incredible and is really affordable, so you may easily fill your drawers with it. This kind of plating gives the impression of pure luxury, so if you love real golden jewellery, it may be the perfect choice.  Our ''vintage gold'' inspired rings are cheaper than the real gold ones and priced between €45 - €60.

Labradorite: Green, blue, yellow and orange are the signature colors of this stone. Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. This gemstone gives you power, rest, it lets go of your negative thoughts and calms you down.

Pink Chalcedony: The Pink Chalcedony balances the energies of mind, body and spirit. This gemstone gives you self confidence, self love, calmness, protection and it makes you feel safe.

Red Garnet: The Garnet stone represents love. This gemstone gives you strength, energy, perseverance and self confidence. It’s the birthstone of January.

Yellow Citrine: The Citrine stone is perfect for a fresh start. This gemstone gives you energy, success, happiness, self confidence and protection. It’s the birthstone of November.

White Quartz: The White Quartz purifies the negative energy. This gemstone gives you good energy, power, stability, better concentration, hope and courage. It’s the birthstone of April.

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