Glass candle holder mustard ♻︎Glass candle holder mustard ♻︎
60% OFFOn sale
Classic glass candle holder coral ♻︎Classic glass candle holder coral ♻︎
60% OFFSold out
Daisy candle holder ♻︎Daisy candle holder ♻︎
30% OFFOn sale
Moonphase garlandMoonphase garland
25% OFFOn sale

Moonphase garland

€20,62 €27,50
Shell jewellery stand ♻︎Shell jewellery stand ♻︎
25% OFFOn sale
Big flower candle holder ♻︎Big flower candle holder ♻︎
40% OFFOn sale
Shell bottle opener ♻︎Shell bottle opener ♻︎
25% OFFOn sale

Shell bottle opener ♻︎

€14,06 €18,75
Flower bottle stopper ♻︎Flower bottle stopper ♻︎
30% OFFSold out
Classic glass candle holder terra ♻︎Classic glass candle holder terra ♻︎
60% OFFOn sale
Daisy card holder ♻︎Daisy card holder ♻︎
50% OFFSold out
Daisy bowl with mother of pearlDaisy bowl with mother of pearl
25% OFFOn sale
Twine hoops 22mmTwine hoops 22mm
New in
Wild flowers candle holder ♻︎Wild flowers candle holder ♻︎
25% OFFSold out
Decorative hanger shell brass sheetDecorative hanger shell brass sheet
50% OFFOn sale
Velvet cushion cover embroidered daisyVelvet cushion cover embroidered daisy
60% OFFSold out
Daisy phone cover iPhone 7+/8+Daisy phone cover iPhone 7+/8+
60% OFFOn sale

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