''Vintage gold'' oval ring White Quartz II


This “Vintage gold'' inspired ring is made of a premium quality and contains of real gemstones. This ring is not only timeless and beautiful, but also tells its own story through those real gems. 

Material: premium quality 18K gold plating over brass, real White Quartz. 

- White Quartz: Birthstone of April. The White Quartz stone gives you good energy, power, stability, better concentration, hope and courage. White Quartz increases confidence and improves public speaking skills. It’s a gemstone that contains the energy of light. It will help you to generate a chain of happiness. This stone releases emotions and safely reduces the negative energy and stress from the body.

*Gemstones are a product of nature and therefore unique, so the colour of the stone can differ a little from the pictures. 

Measurements: size adjustable, gemstone: 10 x 10 mm

Every ‘’vintage gold’’ ring comes in a Flower ring box (worth €15,-).

Handmade in India

100% Handmade
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Outside Europe: Free shipping on all orders over €150
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