VINTAGE - Coral ring I solid 14K


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Measurements: current size: 16 1/4, possible to resize

Material: 14K gold, blood coral

Care: we advise to let our jewellery not come into contact with water and preferably not to keep it in a damp place or in the sun. Also avoid perfume, lotions and oils in the vicinity of jewellery.

All of our vintage rings sold online are authentic vintage rings, which means they are pre-owned and not 'new'. Therefore, every single one of them is unique and will never be restocked again. All rings, stones and coins have been carefully checked and evaluated by an authorized jeweller. All coral items are guaranteed antique and purchased from certified resellers. In case you would like your treasured ring to be resized, please contact us and we will get you in touch with our goldsmith. Not possible for all of them though; please check the particular item to find out if it's possible to resize or not. This beauty comes in a unique À la ring box.

100% Handmade
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